NORDIC VISION HOSTILE MUSIC REVIEWS. I cut out the best parts of them and made .jpg collages. here they are.

Don't be fooled by the guy's bad English As A Second Language - dude has MADD SKILLZ at dissing bands in a really subtle way, a single word that totally overturns the meaning of the sentance. So read with precision, champ.


Yeah the scans are shitty and blurry. If you have old copies of N.V., you do better and let me know when you post YOURS. Poser.


Thanks to Gossard (Weakling, Asunder, The Gault, Vomitorium) for providing the magazines to me. Check for Asunder on tour with fuckin' Corrupted soon.

More scnas, I mean scans, in this .zip file: (nordic vision, slayteam comic, Grimore of Exalted Deeds zine)


issue 12



issue 13




issue #6