Tokyo Damage Report


I’m standing outdoors, and notice a nice, big whitehead on my forearm, the kind I’ve been looking forward to for years. I try to pop it but it’s unusually difficult. Just when I’m about to give up, it bursts, and a 1/8" wide tube of white, pus-like zit matter gets extruded. But it just keeps coming out, inch after inch, forming stacks of loops on my arm. Then after it’s all done, it starts moving. I notice that I can see a gray, segmented worm through a semitransparent part of the tube, and flick it off my arm in a fit of revulsion. The whole tube lands on the branches of a thorny tree or shrub a few feet away. The branches of the tree fork every 3 inches or so, forming a dense thicket. The tube of zit-matter has now uncoiled and is drooping from the branches. It’s about 6 inches long, and continues to wiggle. It’s apparent the worm isn’t occupying the whole tube, maybe just the central 3 inches or so. I become morbidly fascinated by this and want to get a closer look but the tree is too dense and spiny for me to approach.



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