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Society, eww.

Take ogling for example. There’s 3 major double-standards, and men get shafted by both. By which I mean "all 3". If a guy looks at a girl on the street, he’s a pig. But if a woman looks at a man, men have never once gotten pissed. In all human history. Or worse-if a woman looks at a man, it’s STILL THE MAN’S FAULT because the man supposedly always thinks, ‘Aw, she wants me!.’ and then he’s a pig. fuck that noise. And of course, a woman can wear low-ass, falling-off jeans with her thong underwear poking out the top, and still deny she’s doing it for attention. she can bust out with any asanine explanation, "Well, all my other clothes were in the wash." and we’re supposed to believe her. but if a guy looks at a pretty girl, even with a GOOD explanation , NO ONE will believe him. "I thought she was my nephew’s girlfriend…" "Yeah right, asshole. get in the trunk."

Second, women check out other women JUST AS MUCH AS MEN DO. I’m not even talking about lesbians here. Straight women: They’re comparing. "Oh, I wish I looked like that. But HER- she shouldn’t be wearing that. Damn. I wish I had those boobs. Jesus-is that what I’m going to look like when I’m old?" and on and on. But women have not gotten EVEN ONE MOLECULE OF SHIT from ANYONE for ogling just as much as men. Meanwhile there’s entire books about men looking at women. Entire standup comedy routines about it.

In addition to the double-standards, there’s also a conundrum:
If a guy does the ‘RIGHT THING’ (meaning if he behaves much better than a woman would behave), and doesn’t check out a woman’s ass, he STILL doesn’t get any credit for being a ‘good guy’. Even if he resists temptation to check out an ass that’s at EYE LEVEL-on an escalator, say, or a stairwell — the woman will never know. This is because women don’t have eyes in their ass cheeks. Stupid women. Women ONLY notice guys when the guys are doing the wrong thing, and this distorts their view of the male gender.

I think every guy should carry little business cards, the kind that usually say, ‘I AM A DEAF MUTE.’ But these cards would say, ‘WHILE 5 WOMEN WERE STARING AT YOU, COMPARING THEIR BODY TO YOURS, I WAS TOTALLY RESISTING THE MIGHTY TEMPTATION TO CHECK OUT YOUR ASS/BODY/BUTT. GIVE ME A GOLD STAR.’

Or something like that.

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