Tokyo Damage Report



it’s amazing the shit girls do that they THINK is sexy but really it makes them look lonely and desperate. Guys will never tell y’all what fools y’all make of yourselves because guys just want to get laid. but i really don’t give a shit about getting laid so i’m free to laugh in that girl’s face. I laugh, because if i asked them what’s up they’d totally deny it. and say some bullshit about ‘oh, i just want to look nice for me.’ or ‘this is empowering my sexuality.’ if it were up to me, all women would just have to wear identical burlap sacks. and if a girl wanted attention, she’d wear a huge neon sign on her head that would blink on and off, saying ‘I’M ON DISPLAY. . . I’M ON DISPLAY…’. but hey, that’s just me.

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