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2002 Japan trip page 4

Tuesday 30 nakamura-san, recover Yuko helps me move to cheaper hotel in Koenji. it’s only 5500 yen a night, about half what I was paying before. but it’s run by these two 70 year old women, nakamura-san and kim-san, who don’t speak any English. nakamura-san is amazing. gold tooth, shades indoors, nylons around her ankles. […]

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2002 Japan trip part three

Saturday July 27 Puroland, church of misery anyway it’s time for me to make another pilgrimage to Puroland, with kayoko. we don’t have so much time today. so I’m stressed about fitting everything in, and also I wind up taking so many photos that I really don’t have time to actually watch anything!!! but on […]

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2002 Japan trip part two

Thursday July 25 visual show #3 we go to see visual kei show. Saiya couldn’t come but she found a friend of a friend to meet me, even though the friend couldn’t speak any English. the friend was named layla. she was wearing the cutest outfit of all time– a sort of jonny rotten meets […]

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2002 Japan trip part one.

tues/ wed july 16/17 plane ride take off was delayed. landing was delayed. forty-five minute wait in customs. 90 minute train to Tokyo. eeugh. I’m in a business suit with a hello kitty backpack looking very respectable.   Tokyo fashion report women have Spanish seniorita blouses and ‘low cut’ socks (socks that expose most of […]

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