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2002 Japan trip page 8

Monday aug 5 Karaoke, transvestites This morning Nakamura-san surprises me by giving me not one but two stuffed hello kitty dolls that look like they’ve been sitting on her shelf since the mid seventies. I’m so happy. I wonder what can I give her? I brought a butt load of gifts for my pals, but […]

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2002 Japan trip page seven

  Sunday aug 4 Wonder festival Up at 7 after 5 hours sleep. Drag my half-dead ass all across the city to TOKYO BIG SITE. It’s in a section of town where EVERY SINGLE BUILDING is a convention center or something. It looks like a city made for 200 foot tall people. (yes, that’s a […]

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2002 Japan trip page six

saturday aug 3 Gauze show   Sleep all day again, and then bail out to Yokohama for the gauze show. Yuko and yuka (her brother) pick me up at the train station. Then we go to the famous club YOKOHAMA F.A.D. (flower and dragon) in the middle of yokohama’s big-ass Chinatown. The first band is […]

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2002 Japan trip page five

Thursday aug 1 Big day, milk club I’m off to the Watari Museum in Harajuku. It’s really more of a gallery than a museum. . . 4 floors of art by some German guy named Carsten Nicolai. He’s into science/exploratorium type art. One piece is some white noise ‘trapped’ in a vacuum tube. The only […]

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