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life in Tokyo 2:harajuku, kabukicho. culture-shock, Don Quixote

DATE : SATURDAY june 28 ENGRISH OF THE DAY: saw a flyer for some punk band called THE AVOIDED. SOUNDTRACK: ‘in the jailhouse now’ – O BROTHER soundtrack I’ve been in Tokyo exactly one week. Last time I was here, I did so much stuff already. . . went to punk shows, kissed someone, saw […]

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Shibuya scouts

DATE: Friday june 27 ENGRISH OF THE DAY: SOUNDTRACK: "go to sleep, little baby" – O Brother Soundtrack   Then – having nowhere else to go – I decided to go to Shibuya, figuring it would be pretty ridiculous on a Friday night. (Shibuya is sort of like a giant shopping mall for spoiled youngsters, […]

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2003 spring fashion random notes.

  Saw a homeless guy with a Winnie the Pooh purse. . . .and the purse said, "be yourself." Also, I know that mullet humor has been done to death. I know this, but I would be totally slacking in my journalistic duties if I didn’t point out that SERIOUSLY EVERY THIRD TEENAGE GUY HAS […]

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life in Tokyo 1: the damn beginning

FRIDAY 21 JUNE I leave america. After being ripped off by crack-heads, getting a new rectum installed by DELL Computer Corporation, lied to by the Bush administration, and being let down by one-too-many fake friends, I decide to just bag the whole country and move to the islands of Japan. In your face, continents!! I’ll […]

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