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life in Tokyo 4:moving to new house, nightmares, Kenny G still sucks. .

SOUNDTRACK: DON QUIXOTE jingle Yamanote Line jingle   day 2 of the THREE DAY MARATHON: i’m supposed to move apartments, and totally furnish the new apartment, while going to shows every damn day. MOVING, JAPANESE STYLE: up at 8 AM, cram all my luggage into a taxi and shlep it over to my new place. […]

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visual kei: bangdoll, dea syria, sephiroth, barbarella, psycho-nizm, cassandra

Tonight’s concert is a Visual (glam) rock show callled, um, JUNKY FESTIVAL. It’s kind of an odd show because most of the fans seem to have graduated from high school. Saiya says that the bands are old so their fans are old too. . . they want to headbang again for old times’ sake and […]

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GRIND: fid, squid, vacuum @ URGA

day 1 of the THREE DAY MARATHON: i’m supposed to move apartments, and totally furnish the new apartment, while going to shows every damn day. there is something drastically wrong with my metabolism. Every night, no matter how exhausted I am, I get a HUGE surge of energy at midnight, and can’t go to sleep […]

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bummer day boo hooo

I have to go back to the government office to re-register (for my ID card) because I changed my address. When I see the nice old lady from last time, I say hi and we do business and she asks do I have any more questions. I say, just one. Would you like to go to […]

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GRIND: 324, die you bastard, mortalized, realized

@ 20000v Tonight I go to a METAL SHOW. normally i am the only white person at this club, but tonight there was a record 4 white guys. all from different countries: england, holland, spain (?) and USA. it’s hell of funny because the japanese metal-dudes would ask me, who’s your friend? and i’m like […]

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life in Tokyo 3:roppongi, weird date, religious cult, “nani?”, etc

ENGRISH OF THE DAY:   so, is this politically correct?? (btw, the japanese characters on the doors also say ‘oriental building’) SOUNDTRACK: somehow, even more Paul MacCartney And Wings god damn it. Study all morning, then go to ROPPONGI. Despite (or perhaps because of) its reputation as the "white part of town" I’ve never been […]

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crap day!!

here’s the situation: I want to rent an apartment. Somewhere I have space to unpack all my suitcases, where I am allowed to have friends over, where I can play the radio, that kind of thing. I’m not scared of Tokyo’s legendary housing shortage — I’ve found the perfect house – quiet, full of plants, […]

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gauze, dsb, vivisick, framtid @ antiknock

Meet a penpal, and the penpal’s penpal. .. and take them both to their first gauze show! There’s a lot of people at the show that I met last week. Since I have a bad memory, I made sure to write down their names last week . . .. But since I have a bad […]

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unexplainable arcade games.

  As usual, just when I’m ready to go back to California. . . . I see something that kicks my ass so hard, I want to suddenly stay forever: not only do the Japanese have this kickass, traditional style of drumming called TAIKO, where shirtless guys bang on Volkswagen-sized drums while doing situps. . […]

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grab bag: various interesting stores.

july 10 After dinner I just bike around, and see some old lady who is feeding the stray cats in an alley way. So naturally we become best friends. She teaches me the Japanese way to count stray animals. Then I keep cruising around, and find this utterly random, middle-of-nowhere, size-of-a-closet anarchist bookstore. Thank god […]

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Bad standup routines.

in lieu of the usual self-centered journal stuff, I’ll just do some anthropology today: and by ‘anthropology’ I mean ‘really bad standup comedy.’ *down the street, there’s a Turkish restaurant serving something called ‘DONER KEBAB’ . . . which all I can think of is the infamous DONNER PARTY. . . is this kebab, like […]

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Visual kei : bangdoll, six-nine, secir, psycho-nizm

SUNDAY JULY 6 it’s time for another Visual Kei (Japanese glam) concert . . . which means I’m meeting my Australian glam expert and pal, Saiya-san!!! I thought KUJIRA-CHAN was a maniac, but her friend flew all the way from Connecticut for this totally obscure show that only 50 locals bothered to attend! That’s like […]

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