Tokyo Damage Report

capsule hotel!

 Yet another Japanese Urban Legend which had to be documented.

For those who may not have heard, Japanese businessmen sometimes stay at cheap hotels if they miss the last train. Normal ‘business hotels’ in Shinjuku might cost 15,000 yen. Capsule hotels like GREEN PLAZA only cost 3,000. why? Because your room is literally the size of a coffin. The walls of the hotel are lined, honeycomb-style, with these little units that you have to climb a ladder to get to.

Your mattress is about 1 cm thick, and for privacy you only have a little curtain you draw, but they DO give you micro-TV-and-radio.

The chamber is all molded out of a single piece of organic-looking plastic, so the shelf and TV-holder just seem to be growing out of the wall like little pseudopods, and there’s NO CORNERS, just round edges. The plastic is flesh colored, to add even more to the effect of sleeping inside someone else’s stomach.

The weirdest part of GREEN PLAZA was that it’s also a sauna. There’s tons of half-naked old guys just walking around everywhere, which was unexpected. Maybe you have to be super-relaxed by the sauna to even sleep in one of these little bastards because I sure couldn’t.

I should add that part of the ritual is, they take your shoes when you enter. Your shoes are your security deposit!! And the roof is this amazingly campy gold flecked material, with security cameras mounted every 3 feet. Why so many cameras? Instead of making me feel safe, it makes me wonder exactly how big the sodomy problem is in these hotels. . .


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