Tokyo Damage Report

DJ battle that sucked.


First of all, this weekend is INSANE! There’s a half-dozen multi-day conventions, each taking advantage of all the students that come to Tokyo for the last gasp of Natuyasumi (summer vacation): a comic convention, several cosplay conventions, and B BOY PARK: a hip-hop festival, where each day is a competition of a different sort of hip hop (mc freestles, graffiti, breaking). .

today’s BBOY PARK event is the DJ competition. And boy, does it blow!! No competitor wants to take a chance with anything creative. They just all try to go ‘witty – wit- wit’ faster than the next person. And the audience just stands there, not even bobbing their heads. The creativity is limited to finiding a DIFFERENT record with some rapper saying ‘fuck you!’ and playing it while flipping off the other dj. Which would be awesome if it was the prelude to an all-out tickle fight, but the victim of the second-order ‘fuck you’ doesn’t even react. .. i guess it’s just a formality, like sumos throwing salt before a match.

The odd thing about the DJ show was the sponsors: Def Jam and Martin Lawrence, ok. .. but CHUPA CHUPS?? for those that don’t know, CHUPA CHUPS is Spanish for tootsie roll pops. so there’s all these hard-ass gangsta guys sitting around sucking on free sample lollipops. i kept waiting for O-Dawg to show up with his pacifier but he never did.

Plus they had these huge, high-tech TV projectors on either side of the stage. But instead of playing something useful (like a video closeup of the DJs hands as they’re doing their tricks), TV-san only plays commercials for new, shiny things to buy . . AND there’s a ‘no camera’ rule, which is why my photos are all arty looking. .. i had to operate sans flash. like anyone would really WANT a photo of some motionless guy standing there with a constipated look on his face, and you can’t even see his hands move. . The hip hop guys aren’t friendly either. Not like punks or salarimen. They don’t want to talk or have fun. I leave at the intermission.


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