Tokyo Damage Report

The men of cosplay!

Dragged Chris to Tokyo Big Site for yet ANOTHER comic book convention. first we went to the cosplay area. officially cosplay is for fans who enjoy dressing up in the costumes of their favorite anime characters. but really it’s an excuse for older guys to shoot some soft porn pictures of young girls in tights. and it’s ALSO an excuse for really plain and nerdy young girls to feel glamorous and popular for once. so really, no harm done.

there were hell of otaku there taking pictures of cosplay girls , but i was taking hell of pictures of the guys!! i wasn’t even sneaky about it either. i got up in their face, and i asked them to pose for me. . . just to see if they could deal with being on the other end of the lens. some were totally disgusted. but some saw the humor or irnoy in it. that’s right i said ‘irnoy.’ anyway that’s my new hobby. . . . cute photos of otaku. so, without further preamble, feast your eyes on . . .


AND, for those of you wanting hot pictures of cosplay chicks in skimpy tights, here you go:

and then there’s this guy. . .

. . . . and here’s some photos i took with the irony filter off. . . . i just really like these guys!!

Then we went to the ‘comic book’ part of the convention. Today’s theme was: perversion. I was, as usual, looking for godzilla porn but everyone claimed there was no such thing. like, even total nerd guys into kiddie porn and tentacles and stuff were looking at me funny just for asking about godzilla porn. it’s good to see they have high moral standards.

HERE’S a good shot of about 1/4 the convention. all these people are completely going to hell.

The convention kind of surprised us. The guys weren’t super beady eyed or trench-coated, and there were lots of women there, both buying and selling. It’s like you wouldn’t even know it was a hentai convention. . . . until you got up close, and you were like, "hey, Ultraman isn’t supposed to be doing that."

It’s almost like it wasn’t porn. . . it’s more like, "hey, why is that alien raping that nine year old?" "Oh, it’s ok, I just really like Evangelion." "well, allright then."

Chris was pretty dismayed that the five million booths all sold the same exact thing : big-boobed elf porn. I think maybe it’s a ‘fan thing': since there are 5 million mainstream elf-based animations, there has to be 5 million porno parodies, because the fans won’t get turned on by a tied up elf with big naked flapping ears. . . UNLESS it’s the SPECIFIC elf from that one show, and then he’s totally hot for her.

Chris pointed out that even in this totally off the hook, underage-elf-raping, bondage and boobie madness, the people were actually really conservative. It’s not like each person has their own personal kink. They’re all copying each other, and no one seems to have a sense of humor about it. The thought of doing a comic about giant robots humping each other because it’s INTERESTING or FUNNY doesn’t seem to occur to anyone. It’s the opposite of the west, where ‘underground’ cartoonists of the 60s were trying to be weird and over the top, and the sex was kind of a side effect.

And then, right in the middle of this madness, were around 20 tables staffed by middleaged women, who sold dolls and cat pictures, and (remarkably) a full-color catalog of every Tic-Tac box ever manufactured. I figured that either these are innocent, sexually normal civilians who took a wrong turn somewhere, or else they’re the biggest perverts of all, and they really consider Tic-Tac boxes totally HOTTTTTT.

Then there was one shady corner which I started calling the Problems At Home corner. This is for a certain kind of artiste who finds even tentacle rape and child porn to be passe. The new thing is creatures with vast amounts of extra genitals, and no explanation. For the more advanced people, they throw in some ‘genital morph’ filter on top of that. . . so the nipples become penises, and the penises have poop coming out of them, but the faces always still look like cute 9 year old anime girls’ faces. The first time I saw this, I was like, "OK, homey is just nuts." But then after I saw 4 more comics just like it, I was somehow even MORE disturbed. The thought of some lone person doing multiple amputee, mutant penis nipple porn because they are nuts and have no choice is bad enough. But the thought that people are copying him just out of a fashion trend is somehow even nutser. . . . even this total fringe-of-the-fringe stuff is , like A GENRE.

And, just as we’re leaving the place, someone is calling my name. holy cow, one of the brutal cat-fighting wrestlers from last week’s TV show recognized me from her audience and came up to say hi! Anyway, she was totally nice and interesting, and didn’t drop kick me even once. I feel totally blessed and float all the way back to the subway station.

The ride back was a big thrillride too. . . 10,000 perverts squeezing into a subway station, pressing on every side of me are guys whose backpacks are full-to-bursting with 2-dimensional boobies. But despite the overcrowding, not to mention the overstimulation, nobody groped us. Although chris claimed to have groped himself a little.

oh, and see this famous TOKYO BIG SITE photo?

well, for $25 you can buy a PLUSH DOLL VERSION OF IT!!

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