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punk meets rap: dcr, rebel familia, atomic fireball, some dj

after that i go to a concert, at the Loft, in the infamous Yakuza-controlled neighborhood of kabuki-cho. My friend says that it’s mostly run by Chinese triads now…. I thought it would be this cool punk-bands-plus-hip-hop-dancing-in-between-sets combo thing. I forgot the mafia passed a law that says ‘there will never be a good gig in […]

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life in Tokyo 9: shrine fights, my caricature of Bush

DATE tuesday september 23 ENGRISH OF THE DAY: T-shirt reading ‘FLOOR TERROR’ SOUNDTRACK:     Today I meet megumi for the first time, at some festival near yoyogi. I’ve been to these street festivals before , where people from different neighborhoods get drunk and run around with portable shrines on their back, and Grandpas with […]

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dsb, freaks, hawk, padlock

Went to YET ANOTHER PUNK SHOW. one thing is for sure: in this mileu, the HELLO KITTY SPIKED LEATHER JACKET is an ice breaker, rather than the usual ‘make-people-back-away-slowly’- er. In the picture below, check out the youngster with the green mohawk. You wouldn’t think it from looking at her, but she;s really into Elvis, […]

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Nazi vending machines

So anyway it’s 2 AM, and I’m inside of a porno shop which consists of nothing but panty vending machines, listening to KOOL KEITH on headphones. Do nothing all day, then feel the urge for another EPIC BIKE RIDE: over an hour straight north, into weird unexplored lands. . . A little voice told me […]

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Noise concert @ United Nations university

"Japanese Noise" is a real, not-made-up label for a kind of avant garde Japanese music that started maybe in the 70S. Sorry, this is going to be ANOTHER fairly dry article with no sexy pictures or juvenile humor. Um, check back tomorrow for that. There are two main approaches to noise : high brow and […]

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life in Tokyo 8:boring, please skip

ENGRISH OF THE DAY: when I’m feeling stifled by the giant city of TOkyo, i like to reach for the down-home, authentic taste of …   SOUNDTRACK: ‘killing yourself to live’ – black Sabbath ‘everything else by’- black Sabbath go to my friend’s house in Koenji. Fulfill 3 of my long time fantasies: 1) Eat […]

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introducing: Shimokitazawa

I Go to SHIMOKITAZAWA. it’s a really fun hipster neighborhood that I never had time to explore before. Tons of cool fashion and used toy stores and weird people both young and old. almost no corporate chain stores!! but unfortunately, the little stores aren’t cool at all. They’re totally pretentious botiques that buy salvation army […]

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a la mode night: goth-loli event.

A LA MODE NIGHT @ CLUB HOOP Tonight’s event turns out to be not ‘gothic,’. . . .it was ‘gothic lolita’ instead. What’s the difference? Well, take a goth crowd, get rid of the guys, get rid of the sexy s/m people, and get rid of the vampires. Then add 100 bonnets, 200 pairs of […]

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catfight FOUR (Ramen battle / horse heads)

SEPTEMBER 2   As usual I almost don’t go because I feel too depressed, don’t want to take any risks, just want to sit at home and reorganize my closet. . . but as usual I go out anyway and have a fucking blast, because why . . .?? This was the BEST CATFIGHT I […]

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