Tokyo Damage Report

Yanaka cemetary

Then me and the Death Metal Ambassador To Poland go to Yanaka Cemetary. I tell her I’ve been going there for 2 years and she’s the first person I ever took there. She’s really into it as well. We see a gang of NoraNekos. (stray cats) (yanaka is full of old people who feed the cats at dusk) They’ve all assembled in the usual feeding spot, but it looks like Ojisaan’s late. . . they’re all just waiting around. And in their hunger they’re not shy like normal. They come right up to me and beg.(in japanese, cats don’t say MEOW MEOW. they say NYA NYA) while we’re there, we even run into ANOTHER couple of bohemians who is ALSO taking pictures of the Cemetary Cats of Yanaka. Booya!!!

while you’re at it, you can practice your japanese.

counting Kitties is like this:

"ip-piki, ni-biki, sam-biki, yon-hiki, go-hiki, nana-hiki, hap-piki, kyu-biki, juup-piki!"

("one animal, 2 animals, 3 animals, etc.")

see how many kitties you can count in each picture. . . .


for even more ‘cemetary cats’ photos, please go here



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