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BLACK HOLE fly-girl dancing and breaking contest

Went to BLACK HOLE 2003. wait, I mean BIG BANG 2003. my bad. BIG BANG is a yearly dance contest open to any college students. (can you picture a ‘college only’ breakdancing event in America? I’m not trying to get all racial, I’m just saying. . .) This year there were no less than 60 TEAMS competing. So, they dance for 2 hours, then there’s an intermission where the audience dances, then 2 more hours of dancing.

the MC was amazing, some middleaged guy with a Harlem Globetrotters track suit, the Vanilla Ice notches cut into his eyebrows, and a BIG PLATINUM MICROPHONE neclace.

What’s weird is that, the audience sits the whole time. I looked back – hundreds of kids, and NOT ONE HEAD BOBBING. Eerie. .. . .

The dancing is mostly ‘hip hop’dancing. The kind of lame dancing you see in the background of a Janet Jackson video. Occasionally some breakdancers will come and liven things up. I TOTALLY DIDN’T TAKE PICTURES of the best act, because they were really early in the show before irealized that pictures were allowed. But they were SO GOOD!! 2 guys who did the most amazing, contorted pop-locking. This little baldheaded dude in sweatpants buzzing around the stage with his head under his armpit somehow. . . .

THESE guys were collecting their award for "Best Dancing With Pooh bear apron and Tigger costume, plus ski masks."

insane human pyramid.

"Best Clown Spinning For No Reason"

THESE guys were totally NUTS. there were around SEVEN of them, and THEY ALL turned upside down at thesame time!!!

more Hip Hop fashion:

plus, then THIS HAPPENED:

Locking and Popping guys.

After the first 30 or so teams, they had a BREAK BATTLE between 8 guys which was waaay better than the ‘hip hop’ dancing. this guy didn’t win, but he DID stand on his elbow for a while. . .

But NOTHING prepared me for the intermission. The same audience that had been passively sitting down, suddenly broke into little ‘ciphers’ (circles of people where 2 guys will battle in the middle) and threw down some of the most entertaining breaking, head-spinning, knee-flailing, spaz-outting moves I’ve ever seen! Not only was the dancing better, but the whole VIBE was miles better– No MC announcers, no prerehearsed routines, no glitz or bright lights, no hierarchy, just pure energy!!! You could feel the energy flowing from the audience to the performers, you could feel suspense, that was totally absent from the rest of the event.


After that, the second half of the show kind of sucked in comparison. . . . now that i knew what i was missing!!! but these guys were still pretty good. . .

plus, for some reason, ABOUT HALF THE GROUPS did this "I’m-Riding-An-Imaginary-Bicycle" dance. i have no idea.

also, i learned that the winning breaking crew of the famous 2002 FREESTYLE SESSION was called: BATTLE UTENSILS. They beat such other crews as FLOOR MASTERS and I LOVE FOOT WORK

pretty much, i’m going to change my ‘engrish of the day’ to ‘breaking crew of the day’.

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