Tokyo Damage Report

department H : musical version.

in case you missed the last review, DEPARTMENT H is a sort of sexy carnival-like smorgasbord of perversion, on the first saturday of every month

So this might be a good time to explain the difference between HENTAI pervs and FETISH pervs. HENTAI pervs are the usual Otaku types — very quiet, chubby middleaged guys with bowl-cuts and thick glasses. they are really kinky but also fairly quiet and modest. they don’t really do ‘events,’ because they’re more comfortable never leaving the house. pretty much they just come out for pervy manga and anime events, because they have to be the first one on the block to own the new release of MEGA SUPER BUSTY PLEASE TENTACLE GIRL #9.

tonight’s event was not a HENTAI event, it was FETISH event. in super mega busty contrast to the hentai people, the fetish people are very exhibitionistic, social, flamboyant, kind of ‘wheee! look at me! i’m the life of the party!!’ people. you won’t find many of THEM at the hentai events. why the tokyo perv scene split into two camps, i don’t know. also i don’t know if the difference in lifestyle between fetish and hentai pervs means that they actually have different kinks. i’m inclined to think they DON’T have different kinks. maybe it could be as simple as, the fetish people are the sex workers, and the hentai guys are the sex consumers. but i don’t know.


the first act was SOME BAND. they had this great 70’s punk anthemic sound, and they moved around and put on a show, AND there was stripping and naked stagediving.




this is another one of those rare bands that you can just NOT take a bad picture of them.

then this happened:

the lady in the upper left corner is about to do a new one: BOTTOMLESS stagediving. later on she put the vocalist in a half-nelson so her friend could fellate him.


the second band was GAY FIVE again. this time with these excellent ‘naughty salariman’ outfits, and furry legwarmers.

act three: KRAUSU NOMI, or the japanese version of him anyway….

some older queen singing falsetto opera to a prerecorded backing track.

also, if you got the ‘krausu nomi’ joke you are gay.

act 4:

then the insane cowboy trannies came out and did a monolog for a while:

act 5 : then it was time for the Pierced Person to do his/her thing:

this time, the Crotch Fireworks were supplimented by candles. the candles were wedged inside the huge openings that had been surgically installed in the nipples. hanging from the openings were photos of the same person.


act 6: massive catfight. nun vs. demon. the demon had the best costume of any wrestler: plus she totally popped me upside the head with that whip.


too bad she got her ass kicked.


act 7: jyo-nen played. i’ve already got a lot of photos of them so i won’t show any more.


here’s some of the people that were here:



where else can you go to see a transvestite teach a topless Gothic Lolita to swing dance?

also in the background, see how Exhibitionist Guy has a cell phone wedged into the hem of his g-string. after all, it IS still tokyo. . .got to have your priorities right.

The web site of Department H organiser.. he does this amazing late ’60s Steranko-style marvel comics illustrations of superhero amazon women

about department h.

Takao Nakano`s Depatment H link page

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