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2003 Fuyukomi (comic book market)

  DATE: saturday DECEMBER 30 ENGRISH OF THE DAY: SOUNDTRACK: ‘please please please’ – james brown ‘human’ – nomeansno   the FUYU KOMIKE is the Japan’s National winter comic book and game convention. Everyone who is selling things here, is just doing it as a hobby. Since they don’t make any money (hardly) it’s ok […]

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catfight @ loft plus one.

DATE: saturday december 27th ENGRISH OF THE DAY: i have been waiting a really long time to finally see this sign. it’s like you’re not really an ‘engrish collector’ until you have taken this picture. SOUNDTRACK; ‘love don’t cost a thing’ – j. lopez ‘the toumb of Old Swain Forkbeard’ – Outlawed Ass of Denmark […]

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‘cyberage’ techno event.

event #2: INDUSTRIAL DANCE PARTY THING This took place at CLUB L@N. amazing trivia about which includes: 1) so small that the stage is bigger than the dancefloor 2) INSANE H. R. Geiger-looking searchlights. 3) it’s right in-between a bunch of apartments. but so soundproofed you’d never know it was there. this DJ was AMAZING […]

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Bastard Noise live

ENGRISH OF THE DAY: SOUNDTRACK: ‘scooby doo’ – theme song ‘i just wanna die’ – pussy galore TONIGHT’S EVENT: "bowels of noise #6"   instead of using guitars and drums, ‘noise musicians’ use something called ‘gear,’ which looks like this: or this: but, no matter what wires go in which little boxes, it always sounds […]

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Santarchy 2003

  TODAY: TOKYO SANTA RAMPAGE The "santa rampages" started in America around 10 years ago. In san Francisco of course. The idea was to protest consumerism and materialism by turning The Man’s iconography against itself: 100 santas would march through the streets, disrupting business as usual. who would dare arrest the kindly old bearded man […]

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“tiny pants for each leg”

ENGRISH OF THE DAY: ‘whereas 99′ SOUNDTRACK: ‘puttin on the ritz’- ella fitzgerald ‘mandatory suicide’ – slayer   ok, enough with the santas. today, it’s FASHION DAY. in ikebukuro there is a kogal shopping mall called I FORGET. wait, it’s called ALTA. alta has all the surfer shops for people who will never surf. it […]

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x-rated Ultraman parody.

a few weeks back i mentioned the X-RATED ULTRAMAN urban legend. after doing some ‘research’ i can say, she IS real, but she’s called THUNDER GIRL.. . and she’s right here and, is anyone surprised that the same company also sells S/M POWER RANGERS videos. . ?(scroll halfway down the page please. . .) i […]

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ROPE – used panty store.

TDR Special christmas edition! Still don’t know what to get your loved ones at this special time of year? In the spirit of sharing and caring, Tokyo damage report will once again swoop to the rescue: nothing says "merry Japanese Christmas" like used panties! Just in time to save your Christmas, let me present (heh) […]


Meguro parastite museum. Go.

DATE: WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 17 ENGRISH OF THE DAY: restaraunt in Ikebukuro. click the photo to go to their website. . . SOUNDTRACK: ‘get a job’ – sha na na the really complicated riff – spiral architect   also. . . if you haven’t voted for me yet, please vote! if you HAVE voted, tell a […]

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catfight SIX (brutality, egg fight)

DATE; thurs dec 11   yet another night at the catfights. MATCH ONE: another Akira Vs. Totally Doomed Girl bout. At least Doomed Girl knocks Akira’s shades off before she gets whomped. Akira is pissed about this and just stalks off the set right after she wins; the announcer guy is like, "annnnnd the winnnnner […]

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NAGOYA punk: Calusari, order, reality crisis

DATE; sat dec 6 ENGRISH OF THE DAY: SOUNDTRACK: ‘living in the usa’ – D.I.   today’s super exciting event is Yet Another Punk Butt. i mean, "punk SHOW."     . . . with a butt.   the event was called DEAD CHAIN. it’s a monthly event where a bunch of bands from the […]

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