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Shitmat, Potatoman, CDR, Scotch Egg – laptop/jungle/noise show

djs : scotch egg, mully, lady scraper , shitmat, potatoman, cdr. Tonight I went to another of these weird laptop music events, where all the music sounds like some little kid shaking a box full of legos while his friend smashes CDs of every genre with a microphone connected to an amplifier made […]

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pissing on God: the week of bad days

DATE: january 18th ENGRISH OF THE DAY:   NINE HOURS OF UTTER SCHMUTZ– this has nothing to do with tokyo OR korea. it should only be read by people who a) are pissed and will feel better only if they know someone else had an even shittier day b) aren’t pissed but really want to […]

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vacation: Korea

I needed to get out of tokyo, and visit the countryside. but it’s such a huge city, (how huge is it?) ….it’s faster to fly to a whole other country than to try to find the edge of tokyo. so i went to korea. DATE; Monday January 5 on the plane flight over, there are […]

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2004 Spring fashion predictions

ok, it’s a new year. . . this was SUPPOSED to be the time i made TDR bilingual, but since choosing ‘Japanese character set’ from the ‘page modify menu’ results in total gibberish. . . i can’t do it. what’s even more irritating: when i see a page on the internet that displays japanese text […]

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