Tokyo Damage Report

Department H: wack version.

After the metal show, it was 10:30 but the adventure was just getting started. I headed to DEPARTMENT H, the all-night pervert party…. My friend was new in tokyo and wanted to see something ‘new and interesting.’ Ok, how about a supervillain insect transvestite, a zombie nurse and her pet pig, and some vain, vain cyborg catfighters?


But the fact was, DEPARTMENT H sucked.

The only good thing about it was: the Stripping Grandpa. He was like 60 years old and had a body EXACTLY like Iggy Pop and is just relentlessly gay. And he kicked ass, and i didn’t get A SINGLE PICTURE OF IT.

For starters, my camera ran out of batteries during the first act– that’s why i only have 3 photos here.

Then, most of the other acts were just terrible. Some torch-song singing diva, a hideous ‘modern dance’ striptease, endless hours of waiting. . .. .. and yet another concert by jyo-nen, who just does the same gimmick every single god damn time.

AND I had totally turned down my girlfriend’s offer of coitus in order to go here and show my friend a good time.

On top of that, my friend hated it and had to take a taxicab home.

And he didn’t tell me so I couldn’t go with him and so I was stuck there .

And I didn’t get to sleep until 7 am.

And then, at 10, for the first time ever, there is construction on my building. they had to wait until I pulled an all-nighter of course.

As if that weren’t preposterous enough, the construction was in THE ROOM RIGHT NEXT TO MINE.

What are the odds?

This is why I don’t go to events anymore.

Seriously, most of the events of the last 2 months have sucked. I don’t know why that is. most of the events i have seen before, (punk shows, deptartment h) are kind of getting boring. and most of the events that i am trying for the first time are just plain lame. This is the other reason that I am taking this webpage in a ‘new direction.’ Aside from the lack of readers and my own depression, there just isn’t a lot of stuff going on right now.


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