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grindcore hanami

ENGRISH OF THE DAY: SOUNDTRACK: death metal EVENT: hanami Today marks the beginning of the 3 fuckin’ days a year when the cherry blossoms bloom, which means I have to go hanami. Hanami is Japanese for ‘watching the cherry blossoms’. . . which is English for ‘getting totally hammered on cheap sake’. Hanami is a […]

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conundrums and parties at school

So at my school it’s test time again, and that means a fresh round of ABSURD CONUNDRUMS. CONUNDRUM ONE: again they’re giving us test-prep material that’s like TEN TIMES as good as the material in the book. . . 3 days before the test. Instead of, say, when we were first learning the material and […]

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Tokyo Walkers

  engrish of the day: soundtrack: lee perry ‘return of super ape ‘   anyone who still thinks the Japanese are conformist and efficient and loving order and routine . . . should try walking around shinjuku sometime. The Tokyo sidewalks are nuts. Chaotic. Just anarchy in slow motion. I ‘m sure they are not […]

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I’m rapping at the school speech contest again.

So at 10 this morning I was rapping about poop to 200 people. IN JAPANESE. my school was having a speech contest. super slick — rented a big hall and everything. I knew I was in trouble when I saw the judges.. They were these totally random beauracrats, not a one under 60 years old. […]

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What kind of shit are we putting on roofs nowadays?

ENGRISH OF THE DAY: (back by popular demand) "multiculturalism in a nutshell"   WELL… normally i don’t like Roppongi but i wanted to see the KUSAMATRIX  exhibit here. they had lots of amazing stuff, of which pictures are forbidden, so just go there, essentially. the main thing is this: the museum is ON THE 55TH […]

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