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Baseball menu

SOUNDTRACK: lisa lisa with Cult Jam (accompanied by images of a dancing, human Bender) EVENT: TOKYO DOME RESTARAUNT theme restaraunts are annoying in America. All being contrived and trying too hard, and an atmosphere of forced fun. Plus the meals all have these asanine, desperate names that try to link the generic fast-food cuisine to […]

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reup : “holidays in the sunshine” drunkpunk live: 4 spikes

July 23 , 2004 HOLIDAYS IN THE SUNSHINE V.2   Tonight’s live was one of those things where only the band members show up. While it’s good to see my pals again, the audience never reached that ‘critical mass’ where everyone goes off and the gig has energy. I blame the right-wing media. Also worth […]

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reup : 4spikes @ Ikebukuro Manhole.

Feb 19, 2004 MAYBE 6 months ago i just randomly met some kid while shopping. he had no eyebrows, a wallet chain the size of your colon, and his bald head was roughly the shape of an upside down pear. i knew he was someone to hang out with. despite my total incomprehension of Japanese, […]

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‘Gaman’ sucks

EVENT: major mood swing I just went off on my teacher on Monday. the teacher is talking for 30 minutes. Going from B to Z and back again, in great detail, but I understand exactly none of it, because as far as i can see, she never bothered to explain fuckin’ A. It’s like, damn! […]

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Spring break statistics

SPRING VACATION ROUND UP. ENGRISH OF THE DAY:     today,I meet some totally random vacationing Australian girl. she came into my life, I took her to a poo store, she left. And that was the extent of our friendship. Isn’t that simply marvelous?? thanks, internet! She just emailed me and said ‘I came to […]

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Shinjuku fashion check

ENGRISH OF THE DAY: the drape is correct! NO RETAILER need hesitate in promoting the DRAPE. it is now the dominant style trend. OK, this is actually perfect english. but, i mean, damn. SOUNDTRACK: ‘i’m going to hollywood’ – fang. EVENT: TOKYO FASHION CHECK (shinjuku subway mall) Basically dead. Oddly, NOT from alcohol. Just from […]

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