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OLDGUY HARDCORE: tetsuarei vs. nightmare

5/29 Went do a slightly different kind of punk show tonight. A ONE-ON-ONE show. This means only 2 bands play. Both bands are very old-school jappa-core from at least 15 years ago. It was a good concept except for this: instead of doing like a 2- or 3- round fight where each band would take […]


interesting book : POKE-TO GE-MU KORE-KUSHUN (”pocket game collection’)

remember nintendo game-boy? or the Tomagochi fad from 10 years ago? well, those are just the TIP OF THE ICEBERG, BABY. po-keto ge-mu kore-kushun is an ENCYCLOPEDIA of games. po-keto ge-mu kre-kushun has some of the most um er um interesting games, stuff which was not only actually MADE and SOLD, but sold in enough […]

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interesting Japanese magazine: rebel 100

  this ordinary looking book is actually one of the most, well.. one of … um… how do i even explain it? i’ve already written about japanese pornographic video games . the’re a big industry. they’re basically pole-laying games, i mean role-playing games. your character tries to seduce various pixellated females, by clicking ‘choose your […]

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4 of the weirdest damn buildings up in here!

so on christmas i went for a 2 hour bike ride. interesting for ME, not so interesting for YOU. but, it just so happens that, on this particular bike ride, i was coming over one of tokyo’s low hils, wheni happened to see an impossible building. maybe it was just some holiday brainwashing, but my […]

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impulsive, hazard, delta, hazard, dsb, colored rice men

@ Shinjuku DOM (rip) image gallery (30 pics) go here. BAND NAME: colored rice men Where from: How long they’ve been around: long time\ Featuring ex members of: lip cream Stage posing: 2 Funny faces: 5. guitarist could rival Yingwe for faces. Vocal looked like a big toothless Buddha, if Buddha was in cypress hill. Well, I guess […]

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design festa bands: essu emmu, gomcoil

may 8/9 DESIGN FESTA ARTICLE THREE. . . the BANDS. click the picture to go to the gallery, which also contains the reviews of the shows. sure it would be simpler to just put the whole thing here on the main page, but then it would take forever to load. thus, gallery. in the future […]

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gallhammer, coffins, su19b, anatomia

sunday may 9 , 2004 i really hate to do this to you guys but. . . yet another metal show. as usual click on the pictures to go to the image gallery. BAND NAME: GALL HAMMER Where from: tokyo How long they’ve been around: 1 year? Featuring ex members of: meat slave, death comes […]

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spring 2004 design festa

date: 5/8 and 5/9, 2004 event: SPRING DESIGN FESTA!! click on the photos to go to the gallery!   So, twice a year, millions of artists, sculptors, costume designers, weirdos, and stuffed-animal-robot-alien-makers from all over the world gather in the gargantuan TOKYO BIG SIGHT convention hall. It’s like burning man but good. And don’t be […]

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Beautyworld trade-show

may 8   Beautyworld   (i added the beautyworld gallery. more PHOTOS are there .)   Today I put on one of my gayer outfits and trundled off to see my first-ever beauty industry convention at Tokyo’s famous Big Sight convention hall. I’m always happy to go to a non-anime-nerd event at BIG SIGHT, but […]

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theatrical rock show: zombie lolita, 213 chicks, ‘junior high school grave’

@ IKIBUKURO CHOP click on the photos to go to the image gallery- 40 more pictures.   BANDS: Ok, I’ve decided that since I’m doing so many rock show reviews, I should have a coherent reviewing schema. I hate passionately those hack rock reviewers in every newspaper and weekly sludge magazine that rely on awkward and […]

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2004 spring Design Festa fashion

FASHION CHECK!!! these pictures were taken at the design festa international art / music / cartoon show, of which you will find more information HERE. besides the fashion shows, there were lots of people walking around with excellent clothing. i asked them if i could take their picture and they said yes. so here for […]

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Normally I’m openminded. Straight but not narrow as they say. My pals are drag queens and gothic queers. I’m the kind of guy who puts some ass-ramming gay porn on to get my girl in the mood. But you know what makes me instantly turn homophobic? Scooter fags. Like him for example: all tootling around […]

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