Tokyo Damage Report

design festa bands: essu emmu, gomcoil

may 8/9


click the picture to go to the gallery, which also contains the reviews of the shows.

sure it would be simpler to just put the whole thing here on the main page, but then it would take forever to load.

thus, gallery.

in the future i’ll post detailed reviews of the festa artists and their websites.

if you can’t wait, i have already written like 20 ‘new artist’ articles here.

yesterday i posted a design festa FASHION ROUNDUP.

Day before that, i wrote about the festa itself.

but today, i’m writing about the MUSIC SHOWS.

Design festa always has music to go along with the art, sculpture, perversion, madness, cut-out rapper dolls and fortune-telling drag-queens.

i’m only reviewing 2 bands because the rest sucked.

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