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gallhammer, coffins, su19b, anatomia

sunday may 9 , 2004

i really hate to do this to you guys but. . . yet another metal show.

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Where from: tokyo

How long they’ve been around: 1 year?

Featuring ex members of: meat slave, death comes along.

Sounds like: hellhammer, burzum, buzzing blackened doom (that’s a music style, not a band. Whatever)

Stage posing: 1. no visuals. Too grim and depressed to do anything.

Funny faces: 1

Fashion: all wear nightgowns. Not necessary (they’re good enough without a gimmick), doesn’t go with the music, and draws attention to the fact that they’re all women. Which, sorry, that’s dumb. It’s 2004 and girl bands are not a novelty, nor should they be. I mean, legendary grind band LITTLE PRINCESS all had princess-style taffeta gowns with tiaras, but they had a whole back-story to go with it, and the concept of the band sort of DEPENDED on the whole cute-but-brutal frission.

Band frenzy: 1

crowd frenzy : even if you only count me, the crowd average is 4. I’m that into it.

music heaviness: 5

band scariness: 4

creativity / technical ‘wow’ moments: the ‘overlapping scream’ thing, and the guitarist’s obscure chords.

# of songs I could remember after the show was over: 1

# of times I’d go back to see them again before it got boring: 20

it’s unfortunate for those of you who are reading the website, but the simple truth is this: the better the band, the fewer pictures I take. Because I need, like so many others before me, to ROCK. This explains why I had like 100 pictures of ZOMBIE LOLITA and none at all of GALLHAMMER. Gallhammer is that good. I literally can’t do anything cerebral and detached like operate a camera, while i’m playing air guitar. sorry about that.

I had just come to this show directly from DESIGN FESTA. This was seriously the ONLY show I’ve been late to since I arrived in Tokyo. Out of the over 60 lives I’ve gone to, this was THE ONLY ONE. And of course, the one band I wanted to see was like the first band and I missed half their set. What the fuck? I just pushed my way to the front of the crowd, and started headbanging. I didn’t even put earplugs in, is how much I like this band.

Just hard and scary as fuck. after CHURCH OF MISERY broke up, GALLHAMMER are the new best metal band in japan. Their one speed is kind of a drag, though. Also they aren’t really friendly or nice. . But whatever, it’s not their job to be nice. It’s their job to be totally awesome.

if you are all swept up in the excitement of my rock journalism, or if you just want to see japanese people in nighties, i have a few photos of them from their show last year. , click here.

their website with mp3s is here.


Sounds like: grindcore, except it’s good.

Stage posing: 4. singer kept stumbling around, constantly on the verge of falling over but never actually doing it. Total suspense. Total Drunken Master grind-fu. Bassist had the most extreme ‘my back is breaking because my riffs are so fucking heavy’ posturing I have yet seen.

Funny faces: 3

Fashion: 1 boooring.

Band frenzy: 2

crowd frenzy 2

music heaviness: 5

band scariness: 2

creativity / technical ‘wow’ moments: they had the most amazing fast-slow dynamics of any band. AND they kept the songs short. AND they had this stunning concept: only two riffs. The ‘way too slow riff’ where every note is a bludgeon to your dome, and the ‘way too fast’ riff that is over before you know it. Lots of grind and ‘power violence’ bands sort of PROMISE that they have crazy spastic dynamics, but they simply don’t deliver. I’m sorry but going from 500 BPM to 453 BPM and then back to 500 BPM in 2 seconds is not a huge surprising dynamic shift, even if it is very difficult to play. But su19b DID have crazy surprising dynamics, AND they did it without writing crazy difficult songs. They did it by having a very elegant concept and sticking to it.

# of songs I could remember after the show was over: 0

# of times I’d go back to see them again before it got boring: 3

Here’s su19b: DUN


. . .




. . .

. . .



(suddenly) TAKATAKATAKATAKAurreeaaAARghhurrgGNAWWCHRREEErreaiiiieeTAKKEEKAKHATIEHTE$($%%&#*@!q(#&$…..

. . . .


. . .

DUNNN . . .


go su19b!! finally grind done correctly. Finally a band I can hold up to dorks who listen to shitty death metal and claim it’s grind. I can now hold my head up and say, no, THIS is grind, and THIS is why I don’t like 99% of those dumb metal bands who are all SAYING they’re grind.

their website is here.



Sounds like: slower Slayer.

Funny faces: lots of Cousin It hair-faces, but very little actual headbanging.

Fashion: 1

Band frenzy: 2

crowd frenzy 1

music heaviness: 1

band scariness: 1

creativity / technical ‘wow’ moments: at least it wasn’t all fast. They mixed it up, and they kept the ‘irritating Florida death metal guitar tone’ to an absolute minimum. Plus singing moustachioed drummer.

# of songs I could remember after the show was over: 0

# of times I’d go back to see them again before it got boring: 0

for death metal (a whole genre based on not moving around at all or putting on any kind of show) they were pretty fun. Sometimes I could even hear the riffs. I liked this band in spite of myself actually. The drummer had this really subliminal moustache that was nice.


Where from: tokyo

How long they’ve been around: 1 year

Featuring ex members of: DOT

Sounds like: slow heavy doom and dumb fast punk parts.

Stage posing: 1

Funny faces: 1

Fashion: 0

Band frenzy: 1

crowd frenzy 2

music heaviness: 4

band scariness: 1

creativity / technical ‘wow’ moments: 1

# of songs I could remember after the show was over: 1

# of times I’d go back to see them again before it got boring: 2

these guys used to be AWESOME back when they were DOT. The heavy stuff is till AWESOME in all caps, but I guess when they changed their band name they figured they’d have to change their style too. Thus, COFFINS has some dumb punk parts in the mix too. You’d think that this would make the dynamics more interesting but it does not. It’s like a commercial break you have to sit through to get back to the good stuff. Plus they are not visual at all. There is no rocking or feet on monitors of any sort.

I would still say see them a couple times just so you can get properly pissed off that you never got to see DOT.


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