Tokyo Damage Report

spring 2004 design festa

date: 5/8 and 5/9, 2004


click on the photos to go to the gallery!


So, twice a year, millions of artists, sculptors, costume designers, weirdos, and stuffed-animal-robot-alien-makers from all over the world gather in the gargantuan TOKYO BIG SIGHT convention hall. It’s like burning man but good. And don’t be all writing me saying “Hey man, burning man used to be cool like 10 years ago back when me and my friends were into it,” because fuck you is why.

Um, anyway.

This year’s one wasn’t as totally epic as last fall’s. mostly it’s just because last fall was my first time. So lots of the stuff I saw this time wasn’t as new. But also this time there weren’t as many amazingly scary character goods, or as much sculpture. Plus, the two best character designers from last fall didn’t show up! On the good side, this time the booths were cooler, there were more stuffed animals, more fashion shows, and a few people even had books for sale!! (this is really overdue because almost all the visual artists produce postcards only. And if you want to collect them all it’s way too expensive. Also postcards=tiny=bad). So, yay books!

Today I’m going to just show photos from the event in general. In the weeks to come, I’ll be introducing specific artists.

The general themes of this spring’s festa are like this:

1 = = = lots of stuffed animals.

2 -= = = lots of cool booth design. (people all sell their wares from inside these tiny booths, some of which get quite elaborate.)

3 = = = lots of cool costumes

4 = = = fashion!!!


5 = = = also, art too.

to see examples of all this stuff, and also read more, go to the gallery!

gallery is HERE.

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