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interesting Japanese magazine: rebel 100


this ordinary looking book is actually one of the most, well.. one of … um… how do i even explain it?

i’ve already written about japanese pornographic video games .

the’re a big industry. they’re basically pole-laying games, i mean role-playing games. your character tries to seduce various pixellated females, by clicking ‘choose your own adventure’ style choices in a text-based format. and if you ‘win’, then you can see a bad animation of some coitus.

but -as if this wasn’t nerdy enough- somehow someone found the way to make it even MORE spaztic. welcome to the world of PORNO GAME CHEAT CODES. welcome to REBEL 100.

apparently for some guys, not only is it too difficult to have sex with living human females, it’s ALSO TOO DIFFICULT TO SCORE WITH THEM IN X-RATED VIDEOGAMES TOO.

here is the concept behind rebel 100: guys are getting turned down by PORN.

is this lower than anything you have concieved of in your miserable life?

yes. yes it is.

but REBEL 100 tackles this problem with aplomb.



instead of trying to sweet-talk Blue Bikini Yelling girl here, all you have to do is enter 83-0A001F. instead of spending hours trying to get her to love you by pressing the ‘sweet talk’ button and the ‘baby you have nice eyes and your personality is appealing.’ button and the ‘no really, you’re the only girl i like’ button, you can just hit 171>370-E703 and she’s yours.

or you could just buy the REGULAR kind of porn, the kind that just starts with coitus to begin with.

but where’s the challenge in that?

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