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Tokyo garbage part 2: construction

tokyo GARBAGE report part 2: in part one, i noted that the garbage of this city is as distinctive as the pop culture. here i’ll continue whomping this somewhat dubious thesis into the ground. THIS time i’ll be talking about the garbage caused by the construction industry. as you walk around the city you’ll see […]

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roppongi scene report.

  roppongi scene report: i’ve been reading some of the ‘gaijin forums’ (i.e. places on the ‘internet’ where foreigners living in japan can post their opinions on anything at all, which ends up being like 90% ‘yeah i have so many girlfriends’) anyway, i was intrigued by all these ‘internet pimp’ guys. their tales of […]


Tokyo Garbage part one.

now. . . for something completely different: that’s right. i’m taking this whole shmeal in a different direction! tokyo garbage report!!!!! in addition to unique, iconic subucultures, fashion, etc. . . tokyo has LOTS of good, iconic garbage. for instance, the ROUND HOLED RECYCLING bins that are always right next to the drink vending machines. […]

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cellphone doodads

The world-famous little dangley vaguely-unrecognizable cute things that dangle profusely from the keitai denwas (cellphones) of schoolgirls and businessmen alike! PICTURE 1, FROM KERA magazine. um , around 2 years ago? the rest of the pictures are fucking huge so i won’t put them here. just click to see them in their own little pages. […]

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catfight 7: chain match brutality

click the pictures to go to the image gallery! Today’s fight was a, er, ‘festival’: a NINE-FIGHT Collaboration between 3 of the main promoters here in town. . .NIPPON CATFIGHT LEAGUE, GALSHOCKER, and CAT PANIC ENTERTAINMENT. Fight one: woman-vs-man battle. The guy’s costume was pretty rad: white cotton y-front briefs. The woman’s gimmick was even […]

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Harajuku fashion police

hey look, right in Harajuku . . . just when you thought it was safe to wear that 40,000yen ‘smokey and the bandit’ t-shirt . .. it’s the FASHION POLICE. i’m not joking. i took this photo right in tokyo’s trendiest shopping mall neighborhood, where these guys were getting busy. i SWEAR they’re writing a […]

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interesting Japanese book/hobby: BOTORU KYA-PU MICHI!

because, what says "i love you" more than . . . a bite-sized transparent Coelacanth replica embedded in a bottle cap? note they also have a bottle cap with a GLOW IN THE DARK BATHYSCAPH. not pictured on the cover but I SWEAR i’ve seen it: marrianas trench heat vent worm model bottle cap. oh, […]

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