Tokyo Damage Report

dudman, no t-shirt @ shimokitazawa civic center

I just puttered around the house all day. I was recovering from some nightmare where I opened an old car’s door and JFK was lying dead in the front seat, and my mom is yelling that he’s my real father. At around 3 I realized I was supposed to be at my friend’s band’s final punk show , because he’s going back to America. Rush over there, and have to sit through some awful emo bands. . . .and one good band. ‘NO T SHIRT’ played some very catchy, slightly mournful, but really droney and repetitive songs with odd, delayed guitar chords and interesting, early-Devo style drumming.

Then DUDMAN played a totally explosive show but the audience was just lame college kids who didn’t want to move at all. It was frustrating. dudman is amazing because their singer is some random american who is in the band … because he is doing research for a phd. thesis on japanese hardcore!! also he is dating a tv news anchor. he says. or maybe he’s doing a phd. on japanese newscasters and dating his band. or maybe he’s dating me and doing a newscast about phd’s who write punk songs about america. shit, i don’t know… it’s hard to keep up with that guy. more about the band…. the bassist is a dead ringer for the charming secret agent in woody allen’s WHAT’S UP TIGER LILLY, the guitarist designs satellite antenna recievers for a major tv company. and their drummer can bench-press your whole family, sequentially or in tandem. plus their songs are all 30 seconds long.

But on the way back to the station, I get lost (as per my usual plan for finding cool stuff in Tokyo). . . and find this cool vintage store called VILLAGE VICTIMS. They sell old san rio octopus ashtrays, and totally evil, disgusting manga, and weird books about the interior decorations made by homeless guys who build elaborate forts out of cardboard. Anyway I have a fine old time, and even see members of ASSFORT wandering around at random in the street.

Apparently that’s par for the course in SHIMOKITOZAWA. this neighborhood is the new Koenji or something. A hood full of too-hip thrift stores and punks everywhere.

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