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Interview with Sanrio Puroland dancer

9/28/2004 THE DEVIL AND THE FAIRY I was in Ikebukuro, walking on the street, minding my own business, and Homie all stepped to me and just started jawing away in fluent English. “I need to talk to foreigners on the street for my English class.” At first I was like, “Whatever, Nanpanman.” But I’m a […]

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un-natural dates I have had.

sunday september 26 SCHOOL RANT In class today the teacher taught us a bunch of kanji which were synonyms. I’m like, how is this one used differently from that one? The meanings are so close? In what context do you use X and in what context do you use Y? The teacher was like, ‘this […]

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Ok, so in Ikebukuro there is a house of ill repute.

Lonely people pay an hourly fee to touch the workers. They just lie around all day waiting for customers to choose them, and occasionally fighting among themselves with flurries of violence. There’s a big board posted on the inside that show’s who’s on duty, their ranking, and their stats. You go there expecting to be […]

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catfight 10: Hindus and reverse rape.

Sunday september 5: went to (yawnnn) another catfight. Honestly I wanted to go to sunny and innocent Hello Kitty-land, but my (female) friend really wanted to do some wrestling so i took her and she got beat up by Strawberry Milk. Fight 1: um, are you deaf? she got beat up by Strawberry Milk. But […]

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best friday ever!

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 3 So it’s 11 am on Friday morning and I’m reading Camille Paglia’s essay on De Sade while in a big bathtub full of naked grandpas. A little context? Sure, why not. Me and Monorail and my Miyuki-san go to hakkone, to visit a traditional onsen (natural hot spring bath/peaceful joint). The ride […]

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