Tokyo Damage Report

Ok, so in Ikebukuro there is a house of ill repute.

Lonely people pay an hourly fee to touch the workers. They just lie around all day waiting for customers to choose them, and occasionally fighting among themselves with flurries of violence. There’s a big board posted on the inside that show’s who’s on duty, their ranking, and their stats. You go there expecting to be pampered, but ? surprise ! ? the workers hate you and are totally surly because they’ve been manhandled all day, and they try to run away. You leave an hour later, feeling simultaneously guilty for exploiting the powerless and downtrodden, but also pissed that they didn’t like you and put out enthusiastically. Basically I felt just dirty when I left, and didn’t even stay the whole hour.

Oh, did I mention the workers are all cats?

The place is called NEKOBUKURO, it’s on the 8 th floor above Tokyu Hands. It draws an interesting mix of people ? half young people on dates, and half older people who have given up on ever having a date.

What makes it even MORE like a brothel, is the cats are even displayed in a fake subway car. Fake subway cars are like a huge part of ‘image clubs,’ (which are basically sexual theme-parks) where guys can pay to ‘molest’ a woman on the train.

NEKOBUKURO is filled to the brim with giant 8 foot tall kitty scratching posts, little climbing toys and secret cat-sized passages for them to run around on. You can imagine some naive young kitty, perhaps from a small town in the countryside, being lured here with promises of all these cat-toys! Wow! Floor-to-ceiling ramps, posts, plush toys, and all the food you can eat!

A week later, she’s strung out on catnip, de-clawed, and putting out for every lonely middleaged woman with $10 bucks.

Dirty, so dirty.

pictures of the ‘stars’ are here:

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