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‘system hardcore’ s/m dance party.

Tonight I went to SYSTEM HARDCORE. I’ve been to a lot of messed up events in Tokyo but this was really too much. It wasn’t the dominatrix putting out her cigarette in this guys mouth, and it wasn’t the human-ass candleholder. . . it wasn’t even the forced piercing or the relentless ass kicking. . […]

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“rabbito miitingu”

10/23 / 2004 RABITO MITINGU RABBIT MEETING!!! at Yoyogi Park in Harjuku. i was just studying, minding my own bizness, when i noticed, hey, there’s like 20 people with rabbits next to me. and the rabbits were all on leashes. with little rabbit costumes, because this is japan and not even animals can escape the […]

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Tokyo street scenes

various vignettes i have witnessed while walking . . . RUINING THE HAT Me and Monorail were walking down the street, minding our own business. . . . no, wait, I was actually staring at girls. Their hats, to be precise. This young lady had a hat that said ‘AIRHEAD’. Then, just to close the […]

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Every language has its "dude" ; its ‘word of a thousand uses.’ Jews have "oy", African-americans (and, to some extent, Italian-americans) have ‘yo!’, and in Japan, most folks will tell you that ‘domo’ or ‘ne?’ is the equivalent. But I say, ‘GANBATTE’ is the shizzle. It means TRY YOUR BEST! Or GOOD LUCK! It is […]

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Hakkone gets all racial on me.

MONDAY 10/4 Suddenly ? BOOM ? it stops being the hottest summer in the last 30 years (I made that number up) and like a car driving into a wall, we had a collision with fall. Just BAM, hey it’s rainy and cool out. I figured, I have a week’s vacation (meaning, days I skip […]

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TDR special report: Asleep cats are cute.

let’s do a ‘close – up’ of that tree, shall we? yeah, that’s what i thought. the white cat goes up there too. . . \ these cats are all strays that live in Shinjuku Gyoen. they all have a notch cut out of their left ear for some reason. People feed them but they […]

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Dead (germany), church of misery

BUTCHER ABC (website) What can you say about a band that sells souviner butcher aprons with their logo on? Butcher ABC was the first band of the evening to get a little dancing happening.   CHURCH OF MISERY (website) The crowd was not so jam-packed as usual so finally I could get some good pictures […]

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taiphoon photos

Everyone says it’s dangerous. They’re stopping some trains because this is the biggest taiphoon to hit Tokyo this year. So I ride my bike around in the middle of it . I go to Yoyogi park where there’s lots of open space, and just wander around, taking pictures. The rain is pretty insane- drops the […]

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