Tokyo Damage Report

taiphoon photos

Everyone says it’s dangerous. They’re stopping some trains because this is the biggest taiphoon to hit Tokyo this year. So I ride my bike around in the middle of it . I go to Yoyogi park where there’s lots of open space, and just wander around, taking pictures. The rain is pretty insane- drops the size of terriers – but at ground level the wind is really mild, even if the clouds up above are moving in fast-motion like Koyanasquatsi. but other than that it’s just ‘a big storm.’ As opposed to ‘a natural disaster.’ I guess I shouldn’t be surprised how scared everyone was, after all this is the country where they have PA announcements warning you not to fall off the train tracks. Every 3 minutes. Forever. Oh, plus riding one’s bike through water 2 feet deep is wacky.


Anyway, Taiphoons are good fun if you are safely on land. Best part? During the most violent part of the taiphoon, there’s a homeless guy in the men’s room practicing his golf swing with an umbrella.

If there were an earthquake happening at the same time, it would have been the most Japanese Thing Ever.

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