Tokyo Damage Report

Dead (germany), church of misery



What can you say about a band that sells souviner butcher aprons with their logo on? Butcher ABC was the first band of the evening to get a little dancing happening.




The crowd was not so jam-packed as usual so finally I could get some good pictures of the singer doing his thing.:

Dude is basically Mick Jagger if Mick Jagger did Altamont on purpose.



This picture, above, is amazing becuase it looks like they are suddenly in zero-G for a second.



headbanging fans’ whirlpool of hair!!!



actually, I suppose that should read "Dead, from Germany."


These guys come to Japan every couple of years and play some old-school thrashing death metal. Everyone is so happy, including the band. Which is kind of odd considering all the death and the metal. The vibe is always cheerful and family-reunion-style.

for example:

band : "Guten Tag, Tokyo! It is YOU who are the man!"

audience: "No, no, my good sir, I wouldn’t hear of being the man. clearly it is YOU who are the man!"


invisible sticks!

Random Jethro Tull t-shirt!!! (note the flute)

Just like last tour, the audience made Dead play like 3 encores.

The pit was even friendly! Everyone was skipping and holding hands. everyone was like, "It’s Dead!!! Hey everyone, Dead is here!! Yaaaay Dead!!"

These guys get more love than a guru, in an mdma lab, who is also a kitten.


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