Tokyo Damage Report

“rabbito miitingu”

10/23 / 2004


RABBIT MEETING!!! at Yoyogi Park in Harjuku.

i was just studying, minding my own bizness, when i noticed, hey, there’s like 20 people with rabbits next to me. and the rabbits were all on leashes. with little rabbit costumes, because this is japan and not even animals can escape the costumes

anyway they have a ‘rabito mitingu’ every damn year. this was the ninth.

. the people seemed like these totally gentle introverts, as you might imagine, but were also a pretty blue-collar bunch which you didn’t imagine.

there was a leaflet available at the meeting, with every single rabbit’s vital statistics written on it (breed, species, age, charisma, constitution, experience points, etc.) it was pretty nuts. this quintisential Japanese combination of super regulated and super random.

homegirl above is eight years old, which is like 120 in human years, and she was just so OVER the bunny festival.

leashes and costumes. somewhere there’s a PhD. thesis waiting to be written about how costumes are like leashes for HUMANS, that keep us in line and, you know, take away our rights, 1-2-3-4.

bunny battle!!!

it should be noted, if it isn’t obvious, bunnies do not LIKE the leashes. there is a tendency here to treat small pets as toys or fashion accessories. no doubt they actually love the pets (particularly if they are unmarried women over 30) but it’s a pretty fucked kind of love. i mean, ok, you don’t want your bunny to just take off into the wilderness never to be seen again, but leashes? the other day i saw a monkey on a leash. dude. small children on leashes, ok. but bunnies? chotto hen da na?

anyway, here is a link to the website for this fine organization:

my favorite part of their site is this insanely detailed, month-by-month record of this one rabbit’s illness. the lady has a whole webpage devoted to not just the bunny but the bunny’s illness. with like insanely time-consuming charts and graphs of each day’s doseage of medicine and body temprature and stuff. it is pretty damn performance art.

and here is the BBS, if you want to leave a message about the cuteness.


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