Tokyo Damage Report

Awesome new artists from Design Festa

1 -i’ve arranged the sites here from awesomest to most mediocre, because i know you’re busy.

2 – almost all the sites are in japanese. but the navigation buttons of the sites are usually in english. so just click on the buttons marked ‘works’ or ‘gallery’ and you can see the pretty pictures.

3 – if the site is just scandalously hard to navigate, i’ve given more than one address: one url for the ”home’ page and another url for the illustration page.

4 — if you like what you see on their site, please buy from them. they are all working day jobs in the coal mines or possibly sugar mines but probably coal mines. they would love to have your business and anyway buy something so they don’t stab me for stealing their images. it’s advertising, people! don’t stab!!!! nooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. . . .

hirokoji-san is a very successful illustrator who normally does caricatures of ‘talento’ (midlevel celebrities) for like tv guide or whatever. but in his spare time, he does postcards of the WRESTLING SANTA. First of all, I did a whole 4-hour rock opera about wrestling santa, so it’s nice to see he is big in japan. Second of all, Hirokoji’s santa likes to come down the chimney in the middle of the night and give his sleeping victims really interesting presents. . . . like A FULL-BODY CAT SCAN!

Seriously this is fucking genius. I know that is obvious but I had to say it. Fucking. Genius. There is a huge series of these postcards, of course. Sometimes santa’s present is an atomic piledriver, sometimes santa just comes and sniffs your socks while you sleep.

Akayuki is like THE NEW SHIT. Totally cutesy designs and big-eyed characters but when you look more closely you notice that the flesh is totally melting off of them. oh, and pretty much ALL the illustrations are masturbation jokes. It’s like the PowderPuff Girls meet MechaBeavis. She’s doing all these fake covers of imaginary sex-advice-for-girls magazines. Totally Japanese yet totally American in a sex-positive-feminism-kind-of-way that is utterly unheard-of in Japan. I love her.

this site has just savagely good animations of flaming bear heads. Super-flat style but still unique. This guy is SO FUCKING GOOD.

I already have a page about this guy Terry. I talked in glowing terms of his geishas which have huge supercharged drag-race engines coming out of their butt, But he’s just so fabulous I’m mentioning him here again. He’s got new illustrations, with the themes being ‘lolitas in jail’ and ‘south American exotica.’

yes. Clip-joint GOD (in all caps, no less) is THE place to go to get your entire skull turned into an exciting maze for the kids. or, if you are a lady, you can get 4 pounds of extensions braided in while a trained tattooist writes "SHANIQUE LATESHA" on your boob.

honestly I wasn’t so impressed with homey’s booth at the show, but his site is awesome. Impeccably designed, and the stuff on the site is way better than the stuff he brought to DF. Plus his female companion at the show had the longest neck I have ever seen. It was totally like that Far Side cartoon where the fuckin’ vampire crashed his car!! Those of you in your thirties will know whereof I speak.

retro-50s illustration of anime-wilma-flinstone babes.

this guy makes CG art of homeless robots and little robot toys.

I can’t even tell if these movies are claymation or 3d CG suppose to LOOK like claymation but if you like bunnies in spaceships and Voodo-priest- looking rats in straightjackets this indies video site should be for you.

very stylized black-and-red gothy illustrations. The technique is not high, but the compositions are awesome, they read just as well from 10 feet away as they do from close-up.

the very clever oppai brothers! Two junior high kids with big flabby boobies for heads, and nipples for hair! For no reason at all! Plus their cat has little nubbins for legs and when it walks it sort of makes this ‘goroboroboro’ sound as it drags itself along the floor.

kind of old-school ‘70s motorcycles ? and ?babes kind of illustration. But then again, there’s THIS.

Sonomi Kobayashi-Clemente is a Japanese lady living in new york. She does these totally jacked paintings that could be outer space but could also be like diatoms floating in the primordial soup. It’s all organic and floaty and eerie.

this person does just INSANE kalidescopic, hyper-bright digital. . .shit, man, just look at it.

amazing swirly-yet-tight psychedelic multilimbed raver bastards.

chun_tong does this kind of thing. I couldn’t find his best work on his site, though.

potepotekun is a little astronaut boy who is always smiling and who incidentally never opens his eyes. This might explain why he smiles even when he gets into dangerous situations with alien robots, which is, like, always.

ALICE has a lot of this cliche ‘i’m a college girl who takes pictures of herself in goth-loli poses’ stuff, but then there is also a lot of amazing super-lush closeup pictures of food which is all closeup and pornographic, like this rose dipped in honey:

mad panda. No photos of the wrestling masks, which are the best part.


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