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jesus christ, another Punk show?????

@ musashi-shouganai

This show was amazing because it was under ten dollars, and because almost no one smoked. On the other hand, the live-house was the size of my bedroom, or your ass, and on top of that no one danced. On the third hand, the sound was like 10 times as good as at expensive clubs, probably because they couldn’t afford a ‘pro’ sound guy. ‘pro’ sound guys are trained to fuck up the sound. They study this intensely.


Good short songs, but no one really moved around. They were too depressed about the colonized third-world laborers to muster up energy to rock. Singer gets points for having crusty patches sewn on a cardigan.


fun, happy, minor-threat-sounding hardcore. But without all the stops-and-starts that made that kind of music interesting. Guys looked honestly jazzed to be playing for like a mere 10 people though, so I can’t really harsh on them. plus, RUNDMC shirt in the mix.


check out my man’s jumping skills in that photo. The singer is some Quebecois guy (French-canadian) who just goes totally spastic and is a lot of fun. I kept yelling ‘furansugo de!’ (sing it in french!) in Japanese, and he was like, ‘iyada!’ (don’t be vulgar!). plus they also had a run-dmc tshirt on, which means that the majority of bands so far have had run-dmc shirts. I’m just saying.

DOT (.)

Dot played the same songs as last time, but since there wasn’t a sound guy to fuck up the sound, I could actually HEAR them, so it sounded like an entirely new set to me. Some of the stuff sounded like early melvins. . .and this is a plus. just heavy and depressing as hell. I didn’t mind that the guitarist was wearing a decidedly un-depressing microminiskirt. But I thought she could have accessorized better. I mean, black nazi boots with country-western denim skirt with fuzzy white receptionist sweater? say what you will about the predictable fashion of Hessians, they at least know how to accessorize.


This is one of those bands I don’t remember for non-alcohol reasons: They were just really generic. plus, They didn’t have any RUN-DMC related apparel, which kind of destroyed the theme.

well, clearly i’m running out of shit to say. ok, bye now.


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