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1,000th punk live report!!!

tonight, a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE gap between ‘band energy’ and ‘audience indifference’. The bands were just going absolutely nuts and spitting and jumping off the roof and climbing the walls and gnawing each others’ arms off and traveling back in time and shit, and the audience was like, ‘doo dee doot doo, dooo dumm dum de dumm . . .hey, look a puppy! Hee hee hee hee’ and chasing the puppy around like Homer Simpson.

Bakamike said that the only people to come to the show were the bands’ friends who had seen them 100 times and I shouldn’t expect them to get as excited as I was. I can understand that, but shit, why couldn’t this fate befall some shitty band like, say, Madonna or the rolling stones or agnostic front? Going to a show where the music is insane but nobody is dancing is almost worse than going to a crappy show. it’s like I said before, on Christmas and you get the choo choo train you always wanted but it’s covered in human feces. How can you enjoy it in that condition?? Plus, I want to have a band someday. But if even bands who are way better than me can’t get fans who go apeshit, how the hell can I possibly hope to have fans who dance and go apeshit? <end rant>


These guys were just insanely tight. Sort of screamy emo hardcore but with jazzy breaks in between riffs that reminded me of victims family a little bit. They had lots of parts where the guitars would alternate notes so you’d get this kind of ping-pong stereo effect, plus they jumped around so much I could almost remember their name!! Oh, wait, their name is DEEP SLAUGHTER.

no value



i am so fucking sorry these photos cannot half capture the intensity of this fucking band. try kicking yourself in the face while looking at the photos and you are halfway there.


this time i actually saw them sober! so i can report with some accuracy that the music was a lot weirder than I’d imagined, with some harmony guitars and waltzes and odd ska-sounding parts and stop-start bits in between the thrash. All the songs are like a minute long. I think the whole set was like 10 minutes at maximum. Quill are so fucking good, I can’t believe they are not famous. I blame sexism. And the media. I tried to take pictures but they jump around so much I couldn’t fucking use my camera, they were all warp-speed on my ass and the photons got lost. They have 2 singers who totally do Da Butt and run into each other and just whirl like dervishes and furthermore I think the only way to describe this band is ON LIKE DONKEY KONG. They will have a cd out next year. seeing as how you can’t buy the CD just yet, you should instead really come to japan and fellate them. I’m talking to YOU, mr. Fellator.


besides THE NECK BEARD OF ANARCHY, this band is not really my style. but i’m putting up the pictures for the Youngun, their biggest fan.




How could I have been unaware of this band???? this is how cool they are. I mean how ‘fucking’ cool they ‘fucking’ are: fucking.

I mean, here is how cool they are: they all come out wearing Lucha Libre wrestler masks. The lead guy has a totally ridiculous mask with like plush, stuffed-animal antlers growing out of it. And in the middle of the song, he rips off his mask . . AND HE’S GOT ANOTHER WRESTLING MASK ON UNDERNEATH IT. That is so Jesus. And the smaller, underneath-mask has a plate of curry-and-rice sewn into the top of the mask. I guess the main guy’s wrestling name is like El Curry-n-Rice-o. anyway, he was also swinging from the rafters, and the bassist is probably the most crazy fucking bassist since the total maniac from DECAY. All jumping and swinging his bass around like a Williams Sister. FUCKED. UP. and the songs are all like 30 seconds long, but if I have one complaint it is this: the songs all sort of peter out like they lost steam. If they want to end, they should end really tight. But if they want to get all chaotic, they should do like a creschendo so that the chaos at the end sounds INTENTIONAL.

Anyway for the last song, some OTHER wrestler ran out and kicked the singer’s butt and sole his title belt. The singer revived shortly thereafter to do a ‘promo’ for his ‘revenge match’ at the next concert.


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