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Fuckkk Shibuya

  Not to toot my own horn but a lot of the postive email I get from this site mentions my supposed bravery at "penetrating the dark underbelly of tokyo night life” and so on. But in fact, that shit does not scare me at all. What totally scares the shit out of me is […]

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Look where you’re going, Pokan-chan!!!

  Concluding this week’s “SOLVING ALL JAPAN’S PROBLEMS” series. there are two things I hate about walking here. One is, people walk fucking slowly. Two is, people NEVER look where they are going. Walking and emailing on their cellphone, walking and looking at their friends, walking and PLAYING A GAMEBOY, walking and staring up at […]

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psychonalyzing Japan’s rampant construction industry

 continuing to solve Japan’s problems. . . I am tying together giant lizards, Hiroshima, Freud, Film Criticism,and jackhammers. Pay attention, people. Much has been written about the symbolism of Godzilla. Perhaps this anonymous reporter put it best, summing up decades worth of geek-film criticism: "What is Godzilla?" wondered a CNN correspondent off-screen, as the cable […]

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visual kei: MacDonalds band

  AREA is a famous live house in Takadanobaba. It specializes in "Visual Kei" shows. The tickets are really expensive, the bands are not nearly as crazy or gay as they used to be, there are very few fans in costume, bringing your own water bottle is forbidden, AND it is not allowed to take […]

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Interesting stores in Tokyo #23094 : Kujira-ya

  Located right next to Shibuya’s famous 109 shopping center is a small, unremarkable-looking restaurant. But in fact it is not your . . . average restaurant. How to describe it? You know that Monty Python skit where the restaurant only servesSpam? Well, if you substitute “whale meat” for "spam,” that should give you a […]

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