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Interesting stores in Tokyo #23094 : Kujira-ya


Located right next to Shibuya’s famous 109 shopping center is a small, unremarkable-looking restaurant. But in fact it is not your . . . average restaurant. How to describe it? You know that Monty Python skit where the restaurant only servesSpam? Well, if you substitute “whale meat” for "spam,” that should give you a pretty good idea of what Kujira-ya (“Whale Shop”) is all about. For between 35~70 $USD you can sit down to some whale fins, whale tongue, whale ribs, whale butt garnished with whale sweat, etc. Presumably if you bought enough different entrees, you could re-assemble the entire animal right there at your table .

Just a thought.


Anyway, it won’t surprise you that this is just the tip of the iceberg, whale-restaurant-wise. There’s still a whole KUJIRA WO TABERU NO BUNKA (“Whale-eating culture”) here. Mostly it is the more traditional people, and by ‘traditional’ I mean ‘douchebags’ — presumably the same people who want the Emperor to be a god again, and declare war on Korea and Willy at the same time.

For instance, here is an amazing link to an Online-Whale-Meat-Wholesale-Shopping-Mall. They have these amazing pictures of meat and organs.

What ? you thought there was only one Online-Whale-Meat-Wholesale-shopping-Mall?

Not a chance.

and they have nicely provided their mail and phone, in case you want to contact them.

TEL ・FAX  0735-59-2249


In case you are in japan, here is the address of Kujira-ya:

東京都渋谷区道玄坂2-29-22 (渋谷109 横)

shibuya ku dougenzaka 2-29-22. . from the JR station, kujira-ya is on the right hand side of 109, a little past it.

If you ever go there and eat some whale, could you write a review and post it to the BBS? Thanks!

kujira-ya email and phone: TEL:0735-59-2249

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