Tokyo Damage Report

visual kei: MacDonalds band


AREA is a famous live house in Takadanobaba. It specializes in "Visual Kei" shows. The tickets are really expensive, the bands are not nearly as crazy or gay as they used to be, there are very few fans in costume, bringing your own water bottle is forbidden, AND it is not allowed to take pictures. Basically the place smokes the Mecha-Hogan.

On the other hand, where else can you see the GLAM MACDONALDS ??



B: HAMBURGLAR ("rockle rockle rockle"), D: BIRDIE.

G: a fairly feeble GRIMACE (purple sweatsuit and white scarf?)

right after this picture Ronald hella stagedived into this moshpit of schoolgirls but i couldn’t snap it because the i was getting Hassled By The Man. Area can bite my Biggu Makku.

If anyone knows more about this band, please post to the forum, ok?










floor to the roof. left to the right. all day all night. toys, figures, stuffed animals, magazines, porno, sock collections— everything from neal stephenson and yves tanguy to eropuri and pikachu-turds is up in this mother. Plush Cthluhu rubbing shoulders with The Outlawed Ass Of Denmark. Ultraman all hanging out with The Encyclopedia Of Homosexuality In The Animal Kingdom and the Booska guitar pick.


that’s right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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