Tokyo Damage Report

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skin belt

this picture is NOT in japan. it’s from san francisco. i stole it off a website. i hadn’t seen American fashions in like 9 months, so i was totally flabbergasted by this. . . what the hell is up with americans STILL all wearing their little low-pants-with-high-shirts thing? And what is the girl in the […]

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America damage report

AKA my spring vacation A blistering yarn of adventures in the land of obese selfish round-eyes and nonstop nightmares!!! and this guy: .   That’s right, clods, I am straight blogging now. also, new entries will be added to the bottom of the page.     man, even the THOUGHT of going back to cali […]

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nikko damage report.

went to nikko again, the ski resort. This time was way better than the december trip. For one thing I decided not to wear sneakers in 6 feet of snow. Plus, later I realized that I did not worry about women the entire week I was there which was SO FUCKING AWESOME I cannot even […]

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