Tokyo Damage Report

skin belt

this picture is NOT in japan. it’s from san francisco. i stole it off a website.

i hadn’t seen American fashions in like 9 months, so i was totally flabbergasted by this. . .

what the hell is up with americans STILL all wearing their little low-pants-with-high-shirts thing? And what is the girl in the middle trying to say with this outfit? "if i had hips or curves, THEY’D BE RIGHT HERE! RIGHT ABOVE WHERE MY ASS WOULD BE."

the only women who are allowed to roll with this fashion are women with beer guts that slop all out over the pants. these women are brave, fearless, pioneers of fashion, and also ruin a look for eveyrone else. if i was Bill Gates i would pay them to wear EVERY new trend as soon as it came out, just to kill it off.

seriously if idiots are still rocking these little britney spears outfits when i get back to america, i’m going to get Mr. Blackwell to impregnate Freddy Kreuger somehow, and then train the baby to track these girls down, skin them alive, just cut the midriffs off of their squealing bodies, and then tan the skin, and then make the midriffs into little human skin belts. and i’ll wear the damn belts all around town.

christ! just knock it off!!


here’s some real god damn fashion you can be proud of:

playboy / louis vuitton bag.

does Sir Mix-A-Lot know about this?

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