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good news about kanji!!

4/29 — more fun with Kanji!!! (uruwashii) うるわしい an archaic Japanese term, meaning, beautiful lovely charming graceful charming elegant. compare. . . . . Spread the venom Hide Sites

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WHAT SUCKS IS a pretty woman who is convinced she is ugly. What is worse is a pretty woman who thinks she is ugly . . . .so she spends lots of time and money trying to correct problems that don’t even exist. What is even worse than THAT is, the woman who, as a […]

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PROG: kouenji hakkei, saito electric goodsound, synergetic nuts

Went to this progressive show. The most dangerous prog rock show ever. Why dangerous? Well, look at who-all is going there ? me, taking a lady who likes me but I don’t like her, and to make things even soumore weird I am bringing a guy I have never met before, plus at the show […]

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Gothic Lolita Badminton

GOTHIC LOLITA BADMINTON TOURNAMENT. I AM NOT KIDDING.   goth-lolis make a point of being as bad at sports as possible. soon, a bunch of civilians got into the act. this guy wanted his picture taken with club kids. in a club-kid context, he looks far weirder than they do, which is what i love […]

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cosplay hostess bar!

COSPLAY KYABAKURA ("Costume Play Cabaret Club") This is a type of hostess bar where you can pay $40 an hour to talk to a lady who is dressed up like someone who pilots a giant battle-bot, or perhaps a magical fairy princess with a short skirt. I have to say, it is not the bee’s […]

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