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g-style magazine

for anyone who thinks that Japan is a sexist society, where men and womendon’t have equal opportunity, i offer the following magazine for your consideration:



Yes, the "G" stands for ‘GIGOLO.’

Inside are tips on how to dress like a male whore, as well as interviews with popular ‘hosts,’ ‘dandies’ and other charmers, places to entertain your ‘client’ so as to get the maximum amount of money out of her, and of course hints on how to get into the business.

If you adhere closely to the sage advice contained herein,perhaps one day you can be worthy of the adjective "gigolative."



hey ladies, don’t you want to just give this man all your cash?

Now, if this were just a ‘trade journal’ aimed at guys who are ALREADY hookers, that would be impressive enough. but i’m pretty sure G-STYLE is even more weird than that. From what i can read, G-STYLE isn’t a trade magazine, it’s a mass – market magazine, and it’s aimed at a growing bloc of young men who just WANT TO LOOK LIKE WHORES. not necessairly BE whores, but they covet what they see as the ‘glamorous and exciting lifestyle’ of the rent boy.

It’s kind of a reverse britney-spears thing.

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