Tokyo Damage Report

2005??? spring Design Festa



ok, i am not posting pictures of the event yet, because I am a dick.

but, i thought that the artist’s work would speak for itself better than my pictures could. So here is the top 15 new artists from spring design festa! (Of course there were tons of good artists at the event, but most of them i have already written about elsewhere on my site. )

As usual, click on the photos to go to the artist’s site!

And if you like it, please leave a message in their guestbook, saying, "I heard about your site from TDR and i think you are great!" or something like that.


an illustrator — his site has a fun little interface and lots of good candy-colored art.




shimizu misako does these awesome Adobe Illustrators, using scans from traditional kimono cloth as the backgrounds. she’s doing a series of all 12 zodiac animals, as sexy geishas. here is sheep-lady! (shimizu-san’s illustrations are the second-from-the-bottom on that page)

black metal schoolgirls

if you like schoolgirls in Black Metal makeup with war helmets that say REVOLUTION on the sides, this is for you.


One of the BMSGs is named Mayu. mayu is, i think, still a teenager? she has her own site of demented right-wing kamakaze bunny-guys

non-sugar sweets,

tomomi mimura is an ex-kogal turned painter.– pictured here is her powerful rendition of a sexually harrassive butterfly. her site is totally easy to navigate but she only has 3 paintings! still you gotta love any kogal who becomes a bona fide systems engineer.



BBW is based in Malasia, gets source material from Japan, prints it in Taiwan, and sells it in Singapore! how crazy is that? basically BBW is a hipster outfit kind of like GIANT ROBOT. they compile HUGE books of Japanese artist/plastic vynyl toy guys / designers, and sell the books throughout Asia. (unfortunately they do not have a licence for America yet). It is like what i am trying to do but more classy and no swears. like, HERE IS EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT THE JAPANESE (xxx) SCENE,, ALL COLLECTED IN ONE VOLUME WITH NO FILLER. handy, eh?


i think i mentioned Hihotaru in a previous installment of TDR. but here she is again . . .she has changed her style from crazy Adobe Illustrator space-jellyfish. . . to crazy Adobe Illustrator Yoginis and Bhodivista fashion models. please visit her site!




Softmuffin, i mentioned her before. She seems to be on some kind of Japanese-version-of-Susie-Bright sex-positive feinist thing, where she uses anime to teach japanese nerd-girls about their own bodies and the importance of owning like 3,000 appliances. Well, or maybe not. but that is the most positive spin i could put on it.




himeichigo (strawberry princess) is one of my absolute favorite illustrators, god damn it! her stuff is pretty much the same style as Softmuffin, or Mari-chan, but she also has a more traditional japanese-dark-arty chiho aoshima style too!

i managed to find one page where she has little avatars you can use —

and another page with tiny photos from her art exhibitons.

for both of these pages, you have to click in the red tiny text at the top to see the pictures.


ICE CANDY is a photographer who does really hyper-colorful photos, some of which are normal gothloli stuff but others are more abstract, like this Rorscharch-like skull actually made out of a mirror-negative image of hair!


TOKYO ART BEAT is a website (in english) devoted to listing all the gallery shows. you can search by gallery or by artist! how cool is that????



MISS HONIG ("miss honey" in english) are 2 women who dress in matching polkadot bloomers and polkadot stockings. They have kind of an odd M.O.; they get photographers to pose them in various situations (like here , inside a hearse), and then claim the photos as their own original art. they also have a sex manual out, where they take turns being the guy? all pantomime of course, and with totally dead-inside Goth Loli facial expressions to boot.



Ransei is a young lady who just shreds on 3DCG software. I asked her why all of her pictures are of naked ladies, and she said the software company does not HAVE pre-made dude bodies. how sexist is that??? anyway, when you get to her page, click the gallery button (the thumbs on the gallery page are just a small part of what she does!, so make sure and choose more galleries from the menus at the top) She also has pages of "behind the scenes with 3d software" photos too!




ikurako’s drawings of fly girls are just what the hell?? i asked if they were supposed to be american black people or japanese, and they are japanese. but still, jesus. this would be stupid if some asshole from Vice magazine was doing it to be funny, but i think she is serious.




Psychommunity is a group of illustrators who do shit like this.


sakatani brothers

this is the same guy i reported on last year who made the GIGOLO POG GAME. him and his sister, together, are SAKATANI BROTHERS. he has not stopped being awesome. first of all are these crazy Engrish 2-d rapper dolls where you can bend the limbs,

also, homey makes like full-on DIORAMAS of gangsta rappers! and takes thrift-store paintings that he finds, and adds rappers to them.


please, let’s all marry this guy!




TAKORANTIS is artist Takorasu’s homepage/brand. He does these insanely detailed lithographs of sprawling cities. And lately he has moved to 3d animation of them as well. his site has almot 1,000 obsessive pictures of this stuff!!

ok, that is it for new artists. I will be back soon with photos from DF.

in the meantime, please check out my other pages full of new and exciting japanese artists!

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