Tokyo Damage Report

Tokyo garbage report 4: kabuki cho!

tokyo GARBAGE report part 4:

ok, part 3 was kind of lame. but this new part will rule!!

i was going on a mad, manic-depressive-mood-swing-powered all night bike ride last week and wound up in Hookertown at 3 am. i was like, damn,if the rest of the city’s garbage is dirty,i wonder what the kabuki-cho garbage is like?

luckily for me, there just happened to be a 3am garbageman!!

in the left of the frame, are some excellent host-boy gigolos.

3 am, i noticed, is NOT a good time of day to be a giglolo. there was one street, where i swear it was ALL manhoes and NO customers. at least they get to wear comfy white loafers instead of hidoi platform heels.

after it got light here is what else i found:

next, here is some crazy shit: someone is throwing out A DEEP-FRYER. just like, "hey honey, it’s trash day. can you take out the deep-fryer?"

this is the best: OCTOPUS AND PORN.

What. the. hell. people.

a shitload of er um dirty towels outside a brothel.


nasty-ass BUNKERS for the stuff.

and here’s the punchline:


learn how to be a gangsta . . .or just look like one! right in the heart of kabukicho. as soon as i find out the address, i’m going to put this on my tokyo tour guide page.

until then, just ask your neighborhood thug, ‘COCO DOKO?’

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