Tokyo Damage Report

Tokyo garbage report 3: bikes

tokyo GARBAGE report part 3:

since tokyo doesn’t have enough garbage cans, people turn the ‘cargos’ (engrish for ‘the little basket on the front of your bike’) into impromptu waste bins. But only if you’re away from your bike for more than 30 seconds.

here is, for example, a bike left alone for 35 seconds:

60 seconds:

65 seconds:

2 minutes:

3 minutes:

5 minutes:

5 and a half minutes:

can we get a side view of that?

6 minutes: the garbage has spread so much they had to get a whole second bike to hold the overflow.

the problem has become so widespread that some inventor is actually selling THESE:

The best part of this ‘cargo case’ is when you’re done with it, you can just throw it away in the bin of the bike next to you.

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