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sewer-education trade-show

  Magicians! Barney! Huge, inflatable bowing mascots! Power Rangers! Throngs of kids running around in glee. . .   this can only mean one thing. . . . tokyo SEWAGE WORKS EXHIBITION 2005!! That a sewage expo would have cute mascots aimed at children in japan is not suprising. Anymore. But, that parents would actually […]

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Shibuya fashion report, 2005

I decided to go to Shibuya on Saturday night to look at jerks. But first, I drank about a quart of coffee and got just unbelievably high. I drank until I started having the most rediculous thoughts, and busting out laughing right in the middle of the street, heedless of people who were looking at […]

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  After school, leap off the bus and tear-ass home. Get my snack on — Graham-cracker-and-peanut-butter-sandwitches, and to drink? Tang dissolved in milk! Kick the soccer ball up the steep hill and it would roll back down. . . because I Lived in the countryside, so there weren’t any other kids to play with. Or […]

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Tokyo garbage report 5: garbage vocabulary

ok, i’ll attempt a brief taxonomy of japanese garbage, because why? filth is a great way to learn, stupid! sure, anyone can learn dumb words about ‘which way to the airport?’ and ‘how much is that used panty?’ or whatever, but if we are really going to have international world-type peace, we need to understand […]

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  WED 6/29 AIRPORT HELL PART ONE Up at 4:30 and if that was not bad enough, already by 6 am the first fuckup occurred-the oakland-bound bus`s driver forgot some luggage, so MY bus had to detour to hand over the misplaced luggage. But by 9 I am on a plane with what has to […]

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