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Tokyo garbage report 6: all-garbage city!

GRAND FINALE: THE ‘ALL GARBAGE’ TOKYO! Today’s installment is a bit different. for the big finale (did i mention this is the finale?) instead of a bunch of small pictures, i am uploading a single 1.5 megabite photoshop image which is just disgusting and amazing. or maybe just big. anyway i turned tokyo into an […]

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Angulipogachan play Don Juan music!!!

punk live at Hatsudai Wall– ANGLIPOGACHAN played and just killed everyone. This is the most random concept of a band ever, even for japan — irish traditional music as played by the boredoms. On one hand, why not? On the other hand, where do you even get that idea?? Like fiddles and irish melodies, but […]

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2005 Gay Pride parade

  in Harajuku!. it is the first time in 3 years apparently there have been enough gay people in japan to march. maybe that is why there is a great feeling of, not to be corny, but all different kinds of people coming together, long-lost friends reunited and such. A bear in a schoolgirl uniform […]

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Rant about new-school vynyl ‘toys’

The new-school ‘indie’ Japanese toys are all super-expensive, super-post-modern and I don’t trust them one bit. It used to be that toys would be cheap, made for kids who would, like, actually PLAY with them and love them. Then the toys would become obsolete for 10 years, and during that time they would aquire some […]

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