Tokyo Damage Report

2005 Gay Pride parade


in Harajuku!. it is the first time in 3 years apparently there have been enough gay people in japan to march. maybe that is why there is a great feeling of, not to be corny, but all different kinds of people coming together, long-lost friends reunited and such. A bear in a schoolgirl uniform with huge hairy legs mixes with some regular jocks, who are next to an American sailor in uniform, while some lesbians dressed like Conan The Barbarian saunter around. There are floats and different contingents of people, including one mysterious faction of guys in military camo pants, black wife-beater shirts and black flags.

Are they anarchists or s/m daddies or both???

We all stand on the elevated pedestrian bridges and watch the parade march below us. It is kind of awkward – – the parade marches in one lane of traffic while cars drive in the next lane. At the end there is a special “no photos of us please” section where all the ashamed gays are parading, all waving with one hand and covering their eyes with the other. which seems like a contradiction: “we’re here”! we’re queer! Don’t tell our mom! we’re here”! we’re queer! Don’t tell our mom!”

but anyway it was a blast and I met some dudes dressed as shibuya kogals which was a brilliant idea:

random goofiness below

homey below has been to 4 parades here. the streaks from his eyes is NOT makeup — it is fully 3d. he took thin feathers and glued the bases to his damn eyelids for that effect.

below,mickey and goofie and minnie address the crowd. my guess is, minnie is not getting any tonight.

below, i asked these guys if they were bears. they said "No, we are GACHA BUCHA". this is a gay style only in japan, which deserves some explanation. it comes from gacchiri, meaning muscular, and bucchiri, meaning chubby. in contrast to bears, they are a bit more pumped and less hairy. although they always have beards. anyway don’t mix them up.

some of the few lesbians, and frankly i think they might just be straight girls who want attention.

RAINBOW MATSURI — in 2-chome, shinjuku.

this was like a gay version of the usual "carry a shrine on your shoulder" neighborhood fiestas they have in japan. it was kind of ill because it was ONLY gacha-bucha guys. you couldn’t find queens or rappers or any other kind of gay dude. in the background you can see a rainbow of baloons, which marks the stage. however, the stage was only 2 feet high, so 99% of the audience could not see the performance at all. kind of a bust compared to the parade.

also what is weird is there were white dudes and a few indian/South Asian dudes, but i could not find one african or african-american dude here. and there are a lot of black dudes in tokyo. I’m just saying.

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