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Angulipogachan play Don Juan music!!!

punk live at Hatsudai Wall–

ANGLIPOGACHAN played and just killed everyone. This is the most random concept of a band ever, even for japan — irish traditional music as played by the boredoms. On one hand, why not? On the other hand, where do you even get that idea?? Like fiddles and irish melodies, but with preposterous falsetto operatic singing over it like the Ruins or something, plus lots of nutty breaks and deliberately unresolved arrangements where they will play a wrong chord and hold it or just sustain a wrong note until you are like, what the hell people? Then they will abruptly launch into something totally different, such as an a-capella bit or a acoustic breakdown or some feedback plus a wink.

Plus they have a tremendous performance, music aside. the guitar is this angry sha na na guy who is wearing clothes 3 sizes too small and leaping about furiously, and the drummer plays standing up, and during parts of the songs he walks around the perimeter of the whole kit, banging on the cymbals. It’s kind of like the performance is written into the song arrangements. The bass player has a kazoo taped to a microphone so he can do the horn parts. Every song is different- some short, some long, some totally blazing prog, some straightforward folk. This is just the best shit ever, and of course when I talked to them later they said, oh , our last show is next week. FUCK.

the bassist, left, blowing the kazoo. when i asked them after the show where they got the idea for this band, they just said, "Oh, it is Don Juan Music." and nodded sagely as if this explained everything. in fact, the singer here is wearing a shirt which says DON JUAN.

drummer soloing , standing, with microphone inserted in mouth, humming along. kind of like AFURIRAMPO, this performance stuff is all an integral part of the music.





Anglipogochan last live show?? even in a small venue with only 20 people watching, they put on this massive arena rock circus. the bassist plays while riding piggyback on top of the violinist, who then he hands his bow to the audience to play his violin for him (as he holds it out over our heads), and the drummer plays a solo bent over while standing on top of his drum stool, with the microphone in his mouth, humming.



guitarist singing, playing the guitar with NO HANDS.

they said that their band is named after Mr. ANGLIPOGA, who is some kind of scientist, who is a fictional character in their band-mythology?? it got kind of confusing.

return of The Kazoo

update — i am informed that they might not be breaking up after all. if you hear about their show please go!


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